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  • Product Name: Free Floating Ball Steam Trap
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  • Free Floating Ball Steam Trap

    Free Floating Ball Steam Trap


    General description

    Free float steam traps is currently one of the most advanced steam traps, product quality and manufacturing process technology to achieve the international level of similar products. As the float high, which can ensure the sealing performance of the trap, the whole sphere is for sealing surface, long service life. free float steam trap's unique advantages: use built-in drain valve is very sensitive, high-quality work can be extended free float steam trap as a whole life. Free float-type traps are not the biggest advantage is the pressure, temperature, condensing water flow fluctuations, continuous drainage, water that is exclusive, the minimum undercooling for the 0 ? heating equipment can achieve the best efficiency; it The minimum working pressure 0.01Mpa, the maximum back pressure rate of ?85%.


    The product is oil, chemical, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, paper, food and other industrial heating equipment, the best traps.


    Technical parameters
    Nominal diameter (DN): 15-150
    Nominal pressure (PN): 1.6-4.0Mpa
    Maximum working pressure (PMO): 0.2-1.6 Mpa
    The maximum operating temperature (TMO): 350 oC
    Medium: steam condensate;
    No load leakage rate of less than 3%; undercooling 0.5%
    Maximum working pressure

    Working principle
    Free float steam trap is simple, and has only a fine grinding of stainless steel hollow float, float is both open and close parts, no wearing parts, long service life. When just starting device, the air inside a pipe and low temperature condensate drain valve can be quickly manually exclude non-condensing gas, steam trap entered the work state, low temperature cooling water into the steam traps, condensate water level rise, float up, Open the valve. Device quickly up to temperature, pipe temperature rises to saturation temperature before automatically emptying valve has been closed; device into normal operating conditions, condensate Jian Shao, liquid level, float down with the liquid flow regulating valve hole; when the condensate Stop the time of entry, float with the flow medium approximation seat, close the valve. Free float steam trap valve seat total in the level below, forming a water seal, no steam leakage.

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