API 6A Valve

Plate Gate Valve

High performance, two-way sealed flat gate valve has good performance under high pressure and can be applied to oilfield wellhead, Christmas tree and manifold system from 2000 to 15000 psi. SGA / B se...

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Chock Valve

Choke valves fall into five types:the fixed choke value ,the needle choke value ,the pluger choke value ,the cage-type choke value and the orifice choke value. The application of the materials,of whic...

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Mud Gate Valve

Mud gate valve is specially designed for strict oil well conditions. It can reliably operate under corrosive conditions, The performance makes KOSEN mud gate valve the choice of oil and gas drilling f...

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Mud Check Valve

This product is designed and manufactured fully in accordance with API Spec 6A wellhead and Christmas tree equipment standards,and can thus be used interchangeably with the products manufactured at ho...

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Mud Plug Valve

Plug values are indispensiblefor connecting the high-pressure manifold during cementing and fracturing operations in oil fields. They are also used for similar high-pressure fluid control operations....

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