Floating Ball Valve

Cast Steel Floating Ball Valve

KOSEN Cast Floating Ball Valves are designed manufactured to provide maximum service life and dependability. All ball valves are full ported and meet the design requirements of American Petroleum Inst...

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Forged Steel Floating Ball Valve

Principle of the forged steel floating ball valve: This kind of ball valve has a floating ball supported by two valve seats. Under the medium pressure effect, a certain displacement can be generated b...

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Cast Iron Ball Valve

Cast Iron Ball Valves are used in commercial, industrial, and process applications requiring a non-corrosive body finish or where a clean cosmetic appearance is desired.
Technical Specification

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Cast Bronze Ball Valve

Ball valves are mainly used to cut or connect medium in the pipeline, and can also be used to regulate and control the fluid. The hard sealed V ball valve has a strong shear force between the V core a...

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