Cast Y Strainer

The KOSEN Cast Y Strainer is of medium is an indispensable channel series device, usually installed in the pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, water valve or other device set the import si...

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Forged Y Strainer

The KOSEN Forged Y Strainer has the characteristics of simple structure / small resistance and convenient discharge. The Forged Y Strainer is usually installed at the inlet of various equipment and eq...

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Thread Y Strainer

Internal thread, socket welding Y-type strainer to ensure that all equipment, pipe for pipe placement from impurities, rust, welding debris and other damage caused by congestion and to avoid the maint...

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Cast Basket Strainer

The Cast Basket Strainer (tube-type filter) is essential for industrial production pipeline accessories, installed in the pipe can remove fluid in the solid impurities to ensure the normal running of...

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DIN Y Steainer

The DIN Y Steainer is an indispensable device in the transmission medium pipe, which is usually installed at the inlet of the pressure relief valve, pressure relief valve, fixed water valve or other e...

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T Strainer

The T Type Strainer is piped fluid process equipment for removal of solid impurities. Liquid flow through the strainer, one of the impurities are filtered out to protect pumps, compressors, instrument...

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