Water Treatment

With the growth of population, water resources are becoming more and more deficient. It’s highly important to make good use of traditional water resources (such as inland fresh water lakes, reservoirs, etc.) and seek new water resources meantime. The water treatment industry is always seeking methods to maximize water resource sharing in order to ensure sufficient water supply.

KOSEN provides customers with complete solutions for every applications of water treatment, including applying high-efficient method to desalinate, transport, treat and distribute water; severing for Industrial water cooling circuit; wastewater treatment and hydroelectric power, etc. KOSEN will provide customers with high quality products and service to ensure the stable operation of the projects.

Main Applications market
Sea Water Desalinization
Water Transportation
Water Treatment
Water Cycle and Use
Sewage Treatment

Main Involved Products
Corrosion Resistance Material Valve (For sea water)
Conventional Cast Gate/Globe/Check Valve
Ball Valve
Butterfly Valve (center line)
Knife Gate Valve