Other Valves

Single Orifice Air Valve

QB1, P1 single port exhaust valve this product is used at the point or closed place on the pipeline to discharge the gas in the pipeline and dredge the pipeline to make the pipeline operate normally d...

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Double Orifice Air Valve

QB2 double orifice air valve is applicable to the pipeline with water as the working medium and acts as the equipment to remove the gas in the pipeline, so as to improve the efficiency of water transm...

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Automatic Air Valve

If the automatic air valve is installed vertically, it should be installed at the end of the project; if it is installed horizontally, it should be installed at the end of the project. After this seri...

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Pump Protection Valve

The automatic circulation pump protection valve is a pump protection device. It automatically protects the centrifugal pump (especially hot water medium) from partial cavitation damage and instability...

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Thread Pressure Relief Valve

The KOSEN Thread Pressure Relief Valves regulates the flow of the medium by controlling the opening and closing of the valve in the valve body, reduces the pressure of the medium, and adjusts the open...

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Flow Meter

Measurement is the eye of industrial production. Flow measurement is one of the components of measurement science and technology. It is closely related to national economy, national defense constructi...

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Fuel Dispenser Pump

A vehicle mounted tanker is a fuel tanker mounted on a variety of tank cars, tank cars, and fuel vehicles, using the battery on the chassis of the car to supply fuel and measure the fuel. The car tank...

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