Coal Chemical

Coal chemical industry refers to the process of taking coal as raw material and converting coal into gas, liquid and solid fuels and chemicals through chemical processing. It mainly includes coal gasification, liquefaction, dry distillation, tar processing and calcium carbide acetylene chemical industry. Coal chemical processing process. The chemical structure of organic matter in coal is a macromolecular structure with aromatic fused rings as the unit core, interconnected by bridge bonds and various functional groups. Through thermal processing and catalytic processing, coal can be transformed into various fuels and chemical products

KOSEN products are widely used in wear conditions (such as gasification, catalysts, etc.), low temperature conditions (such as air separation, ethylene cracking, low temperature methanol wash, etc.), high temperature conditions (such as P91 pipeline), low leakage conditions (toxic and hazardous media), oxygen conditions (air separation, gasification, etc.), shut-off valves (emergency shut-off, high-frequency shut-off, pulse, lock-slag, and oxygen shut-off), as well as other harsh conditions. The business of Neway has extended to the whole industry chain including direct liquefaction, indirect liquefaction of coal, natural gas, and other chemical production.