Other Check Valve

Axial Flow Check Valve

The KOSEN Axial flow Check Valve is composed of valve body, valve seat, guide body, disc, bearing and spring. The internal flow path is streamlined design, the pressure loss is small, the valve openin...

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Non Slam Check Valve

The KOSEN Non-slam nozzle check valves is a streamlined venture port design so as to reduce pressure loss. This series valve disc is the only moving part to minimize internal wear and compressed disc...

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Bolted Cover Tilt Disc Check Valve

The product is composed of valve body, guide body, axial movement valve disc and spring component. The product can effectively prevent the reflux of the medium. Ensure the safety of the pipeline. The...

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Pressure Seal Tilting Disc Check Valve

The Pressure Seal Tilting Disc Check Valve is a non impact check valve with flange size of ASME B16.5. Its main advantage is to overcome the impact and water hammer phenomenon of swing check valve and...

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Butterfly Type Check Valve

KOSEN Butterfly Type Check Valves is a double offset , triple offset butterfly type check valve. It is equipped with a buffer to slow down the closing speed to make partial medium enter the system in...

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DIN Lift Check Valve

KOSEN DIN Lift Check Valves is used to prevent back flow in the line .Flow is in a straight line through the valve resulting in minimal pressure drop . The disc swings into the open position as the me...

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Ball Type Check Valve

The KOSEN Ball Type Check Valves is composed of valve body, valve plate and spring. It is suitable for the supply and drainage pipes. The valve is guided by the central axis of both ends of the import...

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Oid Field Check Valve

The KOSEN Oid Field Check Valve is an ideal choice for oil & gas production lines where back flow is a concern. The swing check offers simplicity and is easily repairable with top entry to the val...

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