Operating Instructions for Pneumatic Valves

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Operating instructions for pneumatic valves

The core point of the output of the pneumatic valve is the shift fork pneumatic actuator. The working mode of the shift fork pneumatic actuator is to drive the ball with the help of compressed air to drive the rolling of the shift fork of the core parts, so as to realize the switching and adjustment of the valve.

Preparatory work

» The opening and closing of pneumatic valves are operated in a clockwise direction. When opening and closing pneumatic valves in the pipe network, the number of opening and closing revolutions should not be too much. Even large-diameter valves should be within 200-600 revolutions.

» In order to facilitate the opening and closing of pneumatic valves, the opening and closing torque shall be less than 240n-m under the pressure of plumbers. The opening and closing operating end of pneumatic valve shall be square tenon, and the size shall be standardized and face the ground, so that the staff can operate directly on the ground. Valves with wheel discs are not suitable for underground pipe networks.

» In order to prevent excessive opening and closing, the scale mark of the opening and closing degree of the pneumatic valve shall be conspicuously cast on the gearbox cover or on the shell of the display panel after changing the direction, all facing the ground. When the opening and closing adjustment is accurate, it shall be locked with rivets.

» The pneumatic valve in the pipe network shall be opened and closed, and it is not suitable for downhole operation. If the operating mechanism and display panel of the pneumatic valve are less than 1.5m above the ground, a stable and reliable extension rod facility shall be set for the staff to observe and operate on the ground.

Precautions for pneumatic valve operation

» Precautions for valve opening

» Check whether the oil pot on the air filter pressure reducer has been filled with oil (lubricating oil)

» Check whether the pipeline is clean. If there are sundries, it is recommended to install a pipeline filter in front of the valve

» Then connect to control the origin

» after adjusting the air pressure, piston type (0.4-0.7) kg, solar term (0.1-0.2) kg.

» Power on (switching type is voltage) or (regulating type current or voltage signal)

» Then adjust or control the opening

The air pressure driving the actuator shall not exceed 8bar, and exceeding this air pressure may cause damage to the actuator. Before installation, repair or maintenance, disconnect the air lines and confirm that they have been vented. When there is pressure inside the actuator, do not remove the lower end cover.

Precautions for valve closing

» Cut off control signal (voltage or current)

» Adjust the air filter pressure to zero