Classification Of Ball Valves

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There are many ways of classifying ball valves. The following four kinds of classification are mainly introduced.

(1) classified according to the sphere structure type: floating ball type and fixed ball type.

The main products are flanged floating ball valve, fixed ball two piece ball valve, fixed ball soft seal ball valve, lining fluorine ball valve, fixed ball stainless steel high temperature ball valve and so on.

(2) according to the flow pattern of ball valves, they are classified as direct, three, four and five.

The main products are straight through one piece ball valve, three way flange ball valve and so on.

(3) according to the valve body assembly form: integrated, two body, three body, top mounted.

The main products include: two body lining fluorine ball valve, three body stainless steel ball valve, mounting type ball valve and so on.

(4) classified according to the diameter of valve body: full diameter and reduced diameter.

Main products such as full diameter flange ball valve, reduced diameter ball valve and so on.