Daily Maintenance Of Pneumatic Control Valve

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Maintenance of pneumatic control valve:

Due to the harsh operating environment of the regulating valve, certain failures will inevitably occur during use. Therefore, it is necessary to perform certain maintenance and repair of the regulating valve.

The main contents of daily maintenance of pneumatic control valve should include the following items:

(1) The inner wall of the valve. Check its pressure resistance and corrosion resistance.

(2) Valve seat. Due to the infiltration of the medium, the inner surface of the thread for fixing the valve seat is susceptible to corrosion and the valve seat becomes loose. Pay attention to it during inspection. For high-pressure occasions, check whether the sealing surface of the valve seat is damaged.

(3) Spool. It is necessary to carefully check whether each part of the valve core is corroded and worn, especially in the case of high pressure difference, the valve core wears more serious, and attention should be paid. In addition, check whether the valve stem has similar phenomena, or the connection with the valve core is loose.

(4) Diaphragm, O-ring and other gaskets. Check whether it is aging or cracked.

(5) Seal packing. Check whether the PTFE packing and sealing lubricating grease are aging, dry, and whether the mating surface is damaged.