The Role Of The Cooling Tower Float Valve

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When the water in the cooling tower is low, the float valve can be automatically opened for the feed water. However, after the water is filled up, the float valve of the cooling tower cannot be automatically closed, which causes the hydration work to be stopped, and there is a continuous benefit of the spray water. A lot of water is wasted, and the problem is mainly caused after the cooling tower has been used for a while.

The main function of the floating ball valve of the closed cooling tower is to control the spray water hydration control switch of the bottom pool of the cooling tower. When the water in the cooling tower pool is low, the float ball valve is lower than the water level line, and the switch will be automatically opened. For the water supply, after the water supply is completed, the water level rises and the horizontal position of the float valve will also rise. Then, when the height is raised, the float valve will automatically close, then the water supply work of the pool will be completed. However, after the water supply is completed, the zone float valve cannot be closed. There are two main reasons for this:


1. There is a magazine card at the switch of the float valve, which causes the person to have a gap after the ball valve is closed, and water can be left;


2. The ball valve control arm is damaged and the closing action cannot be completed.


The next reason is to change the float valve, but most of the reasons for our observation of these problems are due to the fact that there are magazines that cause the ball valve to close incompletely. This magazine is mainly caused by dirty water supply or magazines. Under normal circumstances, as long as the cleaning is done, the problem can be solved!