Use Of Knife Type Gate Valve And Precautions

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1) the clamp type knife type gate valve is mainly used in the heavy medium and coal mud water pipe, in the pipeline mainly do cut-off use, can not be used as the regulating flow, the gate should be fully open or completely closed, so as to avoid seal or gate erosion, accelerate wear and greatly reduce the service life.

2) the installation direction of the valve should be paid attention to, the sluice has the chamfering side of the valve after the valve is closed with the pressure side, and the direction of the valve arrow is the flow direction of the medium after the valve is opened.

3) valve should be lubricated regularly at all moving parts.

4) when the valve is used for a long time, the filling should be worn and the filler should be replaced in time. The bolt of the stuffing should be tightened evenly and should not be pressed into a skew state so as to prevent the stem from moving or causing the leakage.

Since the knife type gate valve is used in the process pipeline of the washing plant, the use effect is very good, the workers are easy to install and maintain, the labor intensity is low, and the serious wear of the sluice is caused by the serious wear of the sluice in the process of use, which leads to the leakage of the gate valves, and the complete replacement gate valves are needed for five or six months. It is the hope of the majority of users to improve the valve body material or improve the structure of the overflowing parts inside the gate body and improve the service life of the gate valve in the wear medium pipeline.