What Are The Related Notices For The Check Valve?

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Check valves are used as an automatic valve in the pipeline to prevent the reverse flow or leakage of the medium in the pipeline. There are various types of check valves on the market. There are also a variety of design forms, such as connecting forging steel check valves, sealing forged steel check valves and so on. Whatever type of check valve, it can be well protected. The one-way flow of the stop medium or the action of preventing backflow. So what should we pay attention to during the process of installing and installing check valves?

The check valve is automatically circulated or closed by pressure, so a check valve should be installed on many equipment and pipes, but the check valve should not be weighed when the check valve is installed on the pipe, and an independent support should be made if a large check valve is installed. Because this enables the check valve not to be affected by the pressure generated in the piping system. When installing the check valve, it should be installed according to the flow direction of the medium in the pipe and do not install the check valve.


In addition, the form of check valves in different positions is different. If it is a vertical pipe, the corresponding lifting vertical valve should be installed on it, and the horizontal valve should be installed on the horizontal pipe. When installing the check valve, do not use the pipe joint within the operating radius of the valve plate, and also avoid other obstructions, as this will affect the operation of the check valve.


The installation of the pipe is unavoidable to the need to bend the part, in the bending part of the installation of check valve, the need to keep enough space with the bending part to avoid the check valve under the pressure of the bending part of the pressure. When check valve is used, the relative resistance value of check valve should also be understood.


High quality check valve has many advantages, such as light weight, small size, sensitive movement, high reliability, beautiful appearance, simple and compact structure and good sealing performance. Therefore, if the check valve really plays its role, attention should be paid to some check valves, and the correct use of check valves can be used to manage the pipe well. The flow of the medium in the channel.