What Is The Difference Between A Globe Valve And A Gate Valve

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Gate valves are more complex in structure than globe valves. Outwardly, gate valves are taller and longer than globe valves of the same caliber. In addition, gate valves can be divided into rising stem and dark stem. The globe valve does not work.


When the globe valve is open and closed, it is an ascending stem type, that is, when the handwheel rotates, the handwheel will rotate and lift with the stem. The gate valve rotates the handwheel so that the stem moves up and down and the handwheel itself remains in position. Different flow rates. Gate valves need to be fully open or fully closed, whereas globe valves do not. Globe valves have specified inlet and outlet directions; Gate valves have no inlet or outlet direction requirements.


In addition, gate valves have only two states: fully open or fully closed, long opening and closing stroke of gate valves, long opening and closing time. The globe valve plate has a much smaller travel and the globe valve plate can be stopped somewhere in the motion for flow regulation. Gate valves can only be cut off and have no other functions.