What Kinds Of Common Globe Valves Are There

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1) angle cut-off valve: in the angle stop valve, the fluid needs to be changed only once so that the pressure passing through this valve is smaller than that of the conventional cut-off valve.

2) DC shut-off valve: in the DC or Y type cut-off valve, the flow channel of the valve body is a slash line with the main channel, so that the damage degree of the activity is smaller than the conventional cut-off valve, and the pressure loss through the valve is also smaller.

3) plunger stop valve: the cut-off valve in this way is a variant of the conventional cut-off valve. In this valve, the disc and valve seat are usually planned according to the plunger principle. The disc is burnished with a stem and is connected with the stem. The seal is made by two elastic seals on the plunger. The two elastic sealing rings of the plug valve are separated by a ring, and the sealing ring around the plunger is pressed through the load exerted on the valve cover by the bonnet nut. The elastic sealing ring can be replaced and can be made from a variety of materials. The valve is first used for opening and closing, but with a special type of plunger or special ring, it can also be used to adjust the flow.